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If you have decided to divorce:

  • Do you want to avoid court appearances?
  • Do you want the decisions in your hands instead of the judge?
  • Do you want to spend your savings on legal battles or keep it for yourselves?
  • Do you want a settlement that works?

These are some of the questions facing couples in the transition toward separating their lives. At the Center for Cooperative Divorce we provide guidance in navigating the financial, emotional and physical tasks inherent in most divorces. You will work with an experienced mediation team offering diverse expertise and creative ideas to help you in designing your own divorce. Successful mediation is built on trust. Take the time to check us out by exploring our web site, giving us a call and/or meeting with us in the San Fernando Valley or Santa Clarita Valley, California.

Divorce stirs up many issues involving emotional reactions, how children will be affected, the impact of financial change and the question of how all these things will be resolved. To help better understand these issues the Center for Cooperative Divorce provides a library of articles that may be of interest to you. To keep you current we also feature our Article of the Month as each new addition joins our library.

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You can't change history, but you can create your future. When couples decide to separate or divorce, some things change while others stay the same. The history between you and your partner or spouse will not change. If you have children, being parents will not change. But the future of your relationship as parents is within your grasp to change.

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